Our oil is extracted and manufactured through a 100% natural process, using only mechanical means. We use the best olive selection, harvested at its optimum state of ripeness.

The milling process is impacted by technology and the speed in grinding the olive pulp to extract the oil, controlling temperature at 25ºC, which allows us to preserve both the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our oil. This is all done using purely mechanical procedures, reaching an oil output dependant only on the olives' characteristics and not on additional chemicals. Therefore, for our early harvest variety we extract less oil per olive, but the result is an excellent quality oil.

Filtering the oil from impurities or residual olive particles is necessary to preserve the oil characteristics. When oil is not filtered (or not properly filtered), it looks thicker and particles tend to accumulate at the bottom of the container. Initially, it may be tastier and sharper if is only used as dressing in the first few months. However, an inapropriate filtering, leaving water and olive particles allows the oil to ferment, oxidate, lose a great part of its characteristics and splatters when used for cooking. A properly filtered oil keeps its properties longer, allows the scent of the different varieties to be fully appreciated and avoids the disadvantages of non-filtered oil.

Storage in an inert atmosphere in our high quality silos keeps the oil characteristics intact and helps eliminate any small particles which may have escaped the filtering process.

This carefully supervised and controlled process, carried out using the most modern technology, and subsequent bottling, with no preservatives, stabilisers or additives, ensures that our oil keeps its organoleptic characteristics intact.

Our great manufacturing strength allows us to meet the demands of our customores in any international market, using a different format for each distribution channel.